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, the hit mobile game show where players earn cash prizes if they successfully answer a certain number of questions in a row, has now added some new ways to get extra lives in the game. Here are all the known methods HQ Trivia players can use to get extra lives.

Firstly, iOS users can use the extra lives trick to net themselves a free life once per day. To do this trick, players need to place their fingers on the bottom of the home screen and repeatedly swipe up until the extra life appears. Again, this trick seems to only work once per day, and it also doesn’t seem to work for users. In our own testing at least, we were unable to replicate the trick on an mobile phone, but results may vary.

Secondly, HQ Trivia players can refer the game to a friend to get an extra life by sharing their referral code. To find one’s HQ Trivia referral code, click on the “get more” button next to the life counter, and the code will be near the bottom of the screen. It’s also on this page where the two new methods to get extra lives will be revealed to players.


HQ Trivia players can now earn one extra life per week by playing the live trivia game show five days in a row. Alternatively, they can purchase extra lives by buying them with microtransactions. One extra life costs $3.99, and three extra lives goes for $9.99. Some may think that buying lives is a surefire way to win each game, but it’s worth pointing out that extra lives can’t be used on the last question, so players could still easily lose even if they invest in the microtransactions.

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Something else to keep in mind is that the pot is split between all the winners of the app. So even if the prize pool will give players the chance to theoretically win thousands of dollars, they could very easily walk away with $20 or less, depending on how many others manage to win.

Perhaps the low chance to win and the relatively low prize potential is one of the reasons why HQ Trivia doesn’t seem quite as popular as it was a few months ago. The developers may need to bring in more celebrity guest hosts like The Rock if they hope to boost interest in the once-dominant app.

HQ Trivia is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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