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During Thursday’s presentation, it was announced that Kirby’s – the well-praised 2010 Wii title – would be getting a remake for the due to be released sometime in 2019. However, if a recent listing is to be believed, it seems as if players keen to play the remake of the popular Kirby title will need to check whether the game is actually compatible with their 3DS system.

A listing recently posted on Nintendo’s official website directly states that  Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn will only be available for New 3DS systems. The remake of the popular title will include all the levels of the original game along with a few extra features, such as two new game modes and the ability to create larger yarn balls.

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Nintendo has yet to confirm whether the game will only be available for New 3DS consoles, with this listing being the only known suggestion that the game will be an exclusive to a particular version of the handheld console. No mention of exclusivity was made at the Nintendo Direct conference or on social media channels thereafter.

If Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn is made exclusive to the New 3DS, it would not be the first title to receive this treatment, with such as Xenoblade 3D, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, and Minecraft previously being made solely available on newer versions of the handheld. Some titles released on both old and new 3DS systems have also been known to include extra features in iterations for the newer version of the console (which is also known to run games better than its predecessor in general).

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While premature online product listings have previously proven to be reliable sources of information about upcoming games, these sources of information are not always correct. Thus, until Nintendo officially comments on the game’s availability, it may be best to treat this information as simply a potential outcome.

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn is due to be released sometime in 2019 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Nintendo

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