Kenny Omega Double or Nothing Attire Based on Sword Art Online and FF7

AEW Double or Nothing took place on Saturday, May 25, featuring a stacked card of professional wrestling culminating with Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho for a future shot at the AEW World Championship. As is typical of big matches, Kenny Omega unveiled brand new entrance attire that makes a nod not only to the popular anime Art , but Final Fantasy 7 as well.

Kenny Omega made his way to the ring with a jacket that is clearly on the one worn by Sword Art ‘s Kirito. However, the jacket was modified to have a single feathered wing on the back, a nod to Final Fantasy 7‘s Sephiroth. Since one of Kenny Omega’s finishing moves is called the One-Winged Angel, it’s fitting that his entrance attire also featured a reference to Sephiroth and Final Fantasy 7.

Kenny Omega has not made his passion for video games a secret, and in fact, this isn’t the first time that he has appeared at a wrestling show in video game-inspired gear. Some may recall when Omega showed up to a past NJPW event with Destiny 2-inspired gear, and it’s also worth noting that he has used other moves based on video games in the past as well.

And even though Omega’s attire was based more on Kirito from Sword Art Online than Final Fantasy 7Sword Art Online itself is about a fictional video game. For those unfamiliar with the Sword Art Online anime, it’s about people who become trapped in a virtual reality MMO, and run the risk of dying real life if they perish in the game.

In the future, it’s likely that Omega will continue to incorporate anime and video games into his wrestling persona and move-set. After all, even his name is based on Final Fantasy (he’s named after the Omega Weapon boss from the Final Fantasy series), so it doesn’t seem like the video game references will stop anytime soon.

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