Kingdom Hearts III Delivers a Climactic End to a Legendary Saga

I just don’t like how so many essential things that you’d expect such as a number of superposes, Final Fantasy characters, & more satisfying interactions between the protagonist keyboard wielders are only being offered through paid DLC

KH2: Final Mix added a lot of content to a fully featured game where’s Re:Mind feels like it’s adding a lot into what should’ve been in the game that acts as the grand finale to a . KH3 on its own should’ve contained as much content as KH2:FM before even factoring DLC.

I still love KH3 as it is now, especially as they added stuff like Critical Mode & New Game+ even though that too should’ve been in from the start, but I was still expecting more things I’ve come to expect from the series like more save slots, a mode like Coliseum or Arena, the man plot that continues to naturally progress as Sora travels across the different Disney worlds, the names of Demyx’s and Luxords’s somebodies & finally the reveal of what Sora’s mom looks like


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