Kingdom Hearts III: Re:Mind: An Utterly Shameless Cash Grab

The only thing more egregious than this DLC being overpriced is how so much of it should’ve been in the base game, especially considering how much content in this DLC is recycled. Similar sentiment goes towards Pokémon Sword & Shield’s upcoming Expansion Passes.

I’ve seen various articles praising how these titles are bucking their series tradition of reselling the same game with new content in favor of selling you $30 DLC. However they tend to neglect how much of the content within the base game of the latest release in their respective franchise has less content than previous installments despite releasing on more capable hardware that could easily contain more content on its initial release.

I’m not a fan of selling consumers a title that feels lacking compared to its predecessors, and then after the title breaks series sales records the publisher announces some paid DLC that’s half the price of the actual game for things that should’ve been there day one and we as the consumers are supposed to be happy that they’re approaching this with “modern sensibilities.”

Not that I’d prefer the alternative, but how is that kind of practice much more of an upgrade over reselling you the same game at full price with more content, ala Persona 5: The Royal? At least the base game of P5 contained so much content it didn’t need DLC to plug in what was sorely missing in its initial release. Same could be said for the previous base mainline Pokémon & titles before S&S and KH3.


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