Konami Has Two New Silent Hill Games in the Works, Says Leak

After being absent from this generation of consoles, one of the most iconic horror game franchises may be returning to haunt players again. A leaker has revealed that Konami is looking to develop two new    to revitalize the series.

The Silent Hill franchise has been largely dormant for years. The series’ last releases were in 2012. Konami published the most recent entry in the main series (Silent Hill: Downpour) alongside a collection of remastered games and an RPG spinoff. If the leak is correct, this is Konami’s second major attempt to reboot Silent Hill. 

Previously, ex-Konami developer Hideo Kojima attempted to revive the franchise. His first demo game, PT, generated a lot of excitement for the full-length reboot, Silent Hills. However, during the video game auteur’s clash with Konami, Silent Hills was cancelled and PT was removed from the PlayStation Store.

According to Twitter user AestheticGamer, Konami began searching for developers to work on two new Silent Hill projects in 2017. While one game would be a part of the main series and provide a “soft reboot” to the franchise, the other would be an episodic, role-playing game that would take cues from Telltale Games and Until Dawn. Both games would be released “alongside” each other. AestheticGamer concluded his thread by hoping that Konami had found a strong developer and supplied it with the necessary budget to make the games, and speculating that at least one of the games would be announced in 2020.

This leak has not been corroborated by other sources or confirmed by Konami. It’s also hardly the first rumor surrounding the Silent Hill franchise. In December, for example, fans speculated that Hideo Kojima was in talks with Konami to complete his proposed Silent Hills game. However, the leak’s description of two games, and Konami’s supposed plan to release them in the same year, sounds very similar to Konami’s release schedule in 2012, the last year that Silent Hill was truly active. That year, Konami released both a traditional horror game and a more experimental, RPG-style game. If the leak is correct, the developer could be attempting to utilize the same strategies it used previously.

Although players might be understandably excited for Silent Hill‘s potential return, it’s best to not jump to conclusions until Konami has confirmed its plans for the franchise. There are still several major obstacles for a Silent Hill revival, and the speculation may turn out to be false.

However, despite only releasing a Silent Hill slot machine in recent years, Konami renewed its trademarks for the series in 2019. It’s clear that the developer still wishes to hold onto its rights to Silent Hill. Only time will tell what Konami has in store for the franchise.

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