Leaked Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Shows Tachanka Rework

After promises that Rainbow Six ’s will be reworked, leaks are revealing some more details for updates to the operator.

Rainbow Six Siege players are already getting a ton of new content with the latest update to the game, but there may be some even more exciting changes coming soon. A video reveals some details of the operator Tachanka rework that players can hope to see in the next season.

The recent Rainbow Six Siege update brought in some big new features, like Sam Fisher as a playable operator, but it didn’t roll out the changes to Tachanka that Ubisoft promised back in February. Given his low mobility, many players choose not to waste any time on trying to win playing a large, stationary target like Tachanka.

Ubisoft revealed a Tachanka rework to turn him into a destructive powerhouse, and now a leak is showing off some of these upcoming changes. Leaker xSkajOfficial posted a number of clips and pictures from what looks like a hack, and they show off Tachanka wielding a different weapon. He’s still carrying a Degtyaryov gun, but instead of the turret-mounted RP-46 that contributed to his immobility, it’s a much more portable DP-28.

The light machine gun DP-28 is based off a real-life gun, the Degtyaryov DP-27, and is a movable machine gun that carries seventy rounds. Tachanka incorrectly refers to his previous gun as a DP-28, but this new gun in the leaks has the major difference of being easily transportable. The leaker says the gun does 48 damage and can fire 550 rounds per minute, with very low damage drop-off when fired at a distance. The leaks also show off Tachanka’s Shumikha grenade launcher, which may become more integral to the character’s kit.

Tachanka’s updated bio reveals that the grenade launcher is a big part of the rework, and is meant to address the biggest current issues: lack of damage output and immobility. The portable gun and incendiary grenades will hopefully go a long way toward making Tachanka more of a threat, and therefore more of a viable option for players to pick up.

The leaker expects the Tachanka updates to come to Rainbow Six‘s next season, Operation Shadow Legacy, although this is just speculation and nothing has been confirmed by Ubisoft yet. But players can hope that this rework will come soon, so that Tachanka can finally have a chance to meaningfully contribute to the metagame and not just be meme fodder.

Rainbow Six Siege is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with plans to launch on next-gen consoles as well.

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