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While Quentin Coldwater might technically be the central focus of Grossman’s book series The — as well as Syfy’s adaptation of the series — a new comic book from Boom Studios is set to explore the life of one of Brakebills’ largely unsung heroines.

Alice Quinn is the central focus of Boom’s new series written by Lilah Sturges and illustrated by Pius Bak. The Magicians: Alice’s Story will follow Alice’s earliest days as a Brakebills student and revisit the story we’ve already been told, but from her perspective.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sturges explained how the concept of Alice being the series’ true protagonist became readily apparent when she revisited Grossman’s original work:

When I went back and re-read the novel in order to come up with my take on it, I kept noticing that Alice is a protagonist in her own right; she makes big choices that deeply affect the outcome of the story.

In some ways, she’s actually the hero of the story. By the time I’d finished the book, I knew I wanted to tell the story from her point of view and I was delighted that Lev was on board for it.

Grossman added that Alice’s Story will flesh out Alice’s character in a way that his novels really haven’t, given the fact that most of them haven’t largely featured moments from her point of view. Suffice to say that when The Magicians: Alice’s Story hits stores next July, it’ll be worth checking out.

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