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Games has offered to a marriage proposal for a player after finding out that his relationship ended just weeks before Spider-Man launched.

Back in May, Tyler Schultz tweeted Insomniac Games asking the developer to help him out with his marriage proposal to his girlfriend of five years. The devs agreed and on release, players found Schultz' Easter egg proposal emblazoned on a movie theatre marquee in-game. The only hiccup in all of this is that Tyler is now single, and upon hearing the news, Insomniac art director, Jacinda Chew, offered to remove the Easter egg by changing the sign to something else.

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“I need your help. This may be selfish, but I'm ready to propose to my girlfriend and want to do it in a big way,” Schultz tweeted at Insomniac. “Is there anyway you can put an Easter egg of ‘Madison, will you marry me?' Anywhere in the game?”

“Well ok then, who are we to say no to love?,” the studio replied, before heading to their DMs to work something out with Tyler. By the time September 7 rolled around, everything was in place, but unfortunately, Schultz' relationship was not. He uploaded a video explaining what happened, but it has since been taken down for violating YouTube's terms of service.

Polygon reports that Schultz went into the nitty gritty details of his break up in the vlog. “This might go down in history as the saddest Easter egg? I don't know,” he said. “Regardless, I'm actually kind of happy that it's in this game. … If anybody else wants to use that as their proposal, please do. … I just want to see someone get married, through that thing.”

“That sucks! Want us to change the sign to something else in a patch? Any suggestions?” Insomniac's Jacinda Chew tweeted after hearing the news. The thread has since been deleted, with the only remnant being a tweet that says, “Ok, now people are being mean. Commence thread deletion.”

Video game marriage proposals don't always go awry – remember when PopCap included a wedding proposal in Peggle 2? And if all else fails, you can always make your own video game to pop the question.

Marvel's Spider-Man released last week on PlayStation 4, and features some significantly less depressing Easter eggs which you can check out here.

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