Minecraft Earth could enter closed beta by 25 July

Minecraft , an AR game similar to Pokémon Go, had unveiled the game through a trailer a couple of months ago. At Apple's WWDC 2019, developer Mojang Studio demonstrated the game on stage, showing exactly what the game had to offer. Now, Minecraft Earth is entering its closed phase as it prepares for a public release.

The company released a video walkthrough of some of the features of the game while announcing the closed beta. Players will have to walk around the real world while collecting items and blocks. These blocks will be required to build structures. Whether they want to build structures alone or with their friends, it's up to them.

Any flat surface can be used to build and once they are done, the structures can be placed in the real world in full size. Not only can players take a look at massive structures using augmented reality, but they can also enter these structures and explore them from the inside.

Minecraft Earth doesn't have a final release date yet. It has started registrations for interested players on its website. Signing up early grants them a free skin that's available only for a limited time. The closed beta registrations are also underway currently. It requires players to be 18 years or older to participate and a Microsoft or Xbox Live account. The game is supported on mobile devices running at least Android 7 or iOS 10.

The game will be coming to launching on iOS by 25 July.

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