Minecraft Players Finally Find Title Screen Seed After Nine Years of Searching

Mojang's  became a worldwide phenomenon and continues to thrive due to its limitless creative possibilities through content introduced via additions like the Nether Update such as new mobs and biomes, as well as procedurally-generated worlds. Almost no two players will ever run into the same Minecraft world unintentionally, but everyone who played the game between 2011 and 2018 is familiar with the locale showcased in the game's screen. Now, anyone can visit the world it was based on.

A player named Tomlacko on Reddit uploaded the two seeds that can generate the former Minecraft panorama title screen first introduced in the game's “Adventure Update,” beta version 1.8, to the r/Minecraft subreddit . They began to research the title screen, removed as part of the “Update Aquatic” on June 14, 2020 before coming across a “Minecraft-research-oriented” Discord server called Minecraft@Home.

According to Minecraft@Home's website, the service is just over a month old and is a volunteer-driven group focused on strange, interesting computational projects like finding the tallest procedurally generated cactus — with the most recent finding being a 22-block high cactus as of July 1. The group announced its intent to hunt for Minecraft‘s panorama on July 17, and using 54.5 exaFLOPs of donated computing power were able to locate the seeds in less than 24 hours.

The announcement post on Minecraft@Home said this computational power came from 137 users who contributed 231 GPUs, allowing them to compress 93 days of processing into that short period, just one instance of the kind of creativity that has led to Minecraft being inducted in the World Video Game Hall of Fame. Multiple users are credited by Tomlacko, who started the project, with creating tools to check specific biome and terrain types, as well as gather data from seeds.

Minecraft has been used for some incredible things in the past, from recreating huge pop culture locales such as Skyrim‘s Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary to developing educational tools that teach kids about diabetes and other worldly issues. There is even a censored articles library created by Reporters Without Borders available in Minecraft.

However, Mojang has also recently made attempts to further expand its popular brand through a Diablo-like dungeon crawler called Minecraft Dungeons. The recent Jungle Awakens DLC for Minecraft Dungeons adds more to do in that game, but overall it pales in comparison to the potential found in the main game, which has fostered a keen dedication from communities like Minecraft@Home.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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