Mortal Kombat Tournament Showed a Lack of Fighter Variety

Mortal Kombat 11‘s recent Final Kombat  came with a host of amazing moments, the most notable of which being Sonic Fox winning the competition's coveted trophy by utilizing the Joker in a stunning series of matches. There's no denying the entire affair made for a solid esports event with an incredibly feel-good ending, however, some viewers picked up on the fact that the did in one particular area.

Shown off with decisive evidence by user “Insert text/emoji here!” it's clear that one was incredibly prevalent within the iconic Mortal Kombat tournament, with a high quantity of players seemingly electing to play Jacqui Briggs over anyone else. Depicted through a collage of 12 fights from the event, it's evident that Jacqui was the favorite among competitors, with many fellow Redditers complaining about the frequency with which she was used.

“50% variety / 50% jacqui, perfectly balanced” one sarcastically comments, while a second states “Not only all Jacqui but all upgraded too. IMO, the variation is too unga for tournament play. I hope they tone it down at least a little.” A third claims that the lack of variation partially ruined the event for them, claiming “It got extremely boring watching her every match. Glad the final wasn't a Briggs mirror, but at that point, I was so over the tournament already.” It seems one player also felt for other competitors having to consistently deal with the same fighter over and over again, stating “Imagine how Dragon felt going up against 5 Jacqui players back to back.”

Jacqui's overwhelming presence at the tournament is far from a surprise for Mortal Kombat 11 players, with many calling for the character's “Upgraded” variation to be nerfed or straight up banned from competition for quite some time. The way this fighting style combines her standard moves with the addition of Bionic Bounce, Enhanced Airblast, and (Air) Ground Pound means that she can pull out hard-hitting, unbreakable combos that only the most experienced of Mortal Kombat players can survive.

Many viewers were glad to see, however, that Sonic Fox was able to make their way to the final with a fairly unique character. Hopefully, going forward, Jacqui will be nerfed by NetherRealm, making way for new characters to find their way into the tournament that likely didn't get the time to shine here. Mortal Kombat will be debuting a new character soon as well, with the final member of the Kombat Pack, Spawn, making his debut on March 17.

Mortal Kombat 11 is out now for PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One.

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