New Fortnite NPC Dialogue Might Finally Reveal Season 5 Villain

Even though Fortnite Season 5 wraps up in the middle of March, we still don't even know who we're going to have to deal with at the end of it all.

That's surprising considering we've known about previous threats for the entire season in the very recent past with Midas and Galactus being two examples.

Instead, the only thing we know is that Jonesy is continuing his roundup of various characters that are coming help against this threat. We still have a few more characters that have to be brought over, but once that's finished we'll be ready to tackle the villain.

Following the v15.40 update, it's looking like we have a clearer idea of what to expect. This update has given us more dialogue to sift through and now several of them are talking about the possible threat.

Although they don't drop its name or anything like that, you can definitely tell they are afraid. Let's take a look.

New NPC Voice Lines

Bunker Jonesy, according to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, has a warning for players when they run into him now.

“Here it comes,” he says. “Don't say I didn't warn you.”

Obviously, there's not a ton to go off there, but it does sound like the threat is incoming and Jonesy is worried about it. Additionally, he mentions something about not knowing “how he got here either.”

Jonesy isn't the only one with new voice lines as we can also see that both Deadfire and Kondor have new lines too.

“Mysterious things have been happening 'round these parts,” says Deadfire.

It's definitely interesting to keep an eye on as this could prove to be our first concrete hints at what to expect from this season's villain.

So, What Does This Mean?

fortnite-npc-voice-linesAt the moment, the only thing we can do is speculate as to what Epic has planned for the season. The majority of time this season has been spent rounding up various hunters from different universes.

Perhaps once all of this is finished, we'll finally be able to see what the plan is. It's clear that Jonesy is greatly worried about the Zero Point and something coming for it. With the likes of Terminator, Kratos, Master Chief and several others in the game, it's obvious that we need a lot of firepower.

The weird thing is that we haven't really gotten much of a plot this season like we have in the past. There haven't been many map changes this season to hint at anything. We've seen little things show up like Kit's Cantina, but nothing has been added that would indicate some major threat is coming.

With only a month left in the season, the time is now for Epic to start dropping clues. The NPC dialogues are certainly a start, but we're going to need a lot more if things are really going to ramp up.

These characters aren't coming to Fortnite for no reason, so we're sure Epic has something big planned and we're excited to see it!

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