Fortnite Bushranger NPC Gets In-Game Burial After Death

If you were attached to the Bushranger for whatever reason, then you might’ve released they’ve met a terrible fate recently in the game.

For those who haven’t checked up on their buddy lately, you might want to now because now will be the time for you to pay respects.

That’s right, somehow, someway, the Bushranger has met their demise and they are now dead and buried in Fortnite. Epic quietly slipped this into the game through a recent update and they haven’t even commented publicly on the of one of their characters.

To be fair, Bushranger was never really all that popular when it comes to skins, even if it is Brie Larson’s main style, but it is big news to see one of their characters actually killed off.

Where to Pay Respects

If you want to visit the burial site for yourself, you can do so just outside of Risky Reels. Unfortunately, the Reels are no longer a named location, so you’ll instead have to cross the river to the northeast of Boney Burbs if you want a more concrete landmark to go off.

When you’re in the right area, you’ll have to search for a recently dug plot of land, and you might even see some flowers there as well. There’s nothing to say who is in here, but this is where Bushranger used to frequent.

It’s easy to put two and two together and assume Bushranger is in the ground. Now, we don’t really know what exactly happened to this character, and it’s definitely no the first time we’ve seen Epic have a story like this play out without much fan fare.

What any of this means remains to be seen, but it looks like we’re going to need the World’s Greatest Detective back in Fortnite to let us know the true story.

As of right now, Bushranger is gone and we don’t know if it was murder or just an simple accident.

What Does it Mean?

For the time being, this death doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things as Bushranger wasn’t really vital to anything going on.

While that might seem like we’re downplaying the death of an actual character, it’s the honest truth. Keep in mind that we see Peely die pretty much every season, and we’ve definitely seen Midas taken out before, but they seem to come back without any explanation.

Basically, just because you see a character die in Fortnite doesn’t mean they are gone forever. If you apply that same lore to a typical match of Fortnite, it makes a lot of sense. However, we don’t even know if that’s what Epic is going for, but we’ll just assume it is so we don’t have to think much about it.

Perhaps we’ll see a new Bushranger grow from the grave before the season is up. It’s looking like we’ll just have to wait and see if the circle of life exists in the world of Fortnite.

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