New Overwatch Custom Mode Turns Sigma Into A Dodgeball Player

If you think about it, ’s new hero, Sigma, is kinda like a schoolkid by which I mean he’s slow, and he likes to throw rocks. This, obviously, makes him an ideal competitor for a large-scale game of dodgeball.

player Pug has created a called “Sigma Dodgeball” (code: 0V80F), in which two teams of six Sigmas face off in the time-honoured sport that’s basically an IRL battle royale for children (and some adults).

The field Sigma Dodgeball is played on is is actually the roof of capture-the-flag level Ayutthaya. There’s a line in the middle of the field made of tiny domes, and if you try to cross it, you’ll die.

Sigma’s primary attack is disabled, so all he can do is psychically hurl rocks at other players with his “Accretion” ability. Being hit by a rock means you’re eliminated, and the last team left standing wins.

It’s silly, but it’s also pretty fun.

Sigma, unlike most children, can project holographic shields that defend against incoming projectiles. In Sigma Dodgeball, this means you and your team can coordinate defences against the other team’s volleys. However, you shouldn’t get too attached to your shield, because it can shatter.

Your best bet is to stay nimble and strafe back and forth. The problem is, Sigma is a slow-floating, shoeless old man, so a rock is bound to catch up with you eventually. And if a rock doesn’t, the ever-shrinking playing field (and you laughed when I said dodgeball was a battle royale) will.

Rounds are generally over in a minute or so, though sometimes somebody will get into a preternaturally smooth dodging flow and just dance between rocks while all their teammates get eliminated.

In these moments, it feels as though they’re on the verge of a comeback that’ll be the talk of the playground for hours, maybe even days, but I’ve yet to see somebody successfully overcome being outnumbered by the enemy team.

As is, it’s usually pretty easy to tell which team is going to win a round within the first 20 or so seconds, as one team has more members eliminated.

Sigma can also use his ult, levitating enemies into the air before smashing them back down to earth. This is great for popping people out from behind their shields and also pulverising their bones. Interestingly, this remains an uncommon occurrence in regular dodgeball. It’s probably for the best.

Sigma Dodgeball’s roof-based playing field can be a little janky. On more than one occasion, I have witnessed somebody fall off, only to get stuck on the roof’s ledge, at which point people on the other team were like, “Huh, somebody’s still alive? Where?” Meanwhile, the person stuck on the ledge hopped up and down futilely, scrambling to avoid slipping into the jungle abyss below.

This strategy does not work (they’ll eventually fall no matter what), so it’s incredibly funny to watch people try.

One time, I saw this happen to someone, at which point two members of the other team slid down the roof’s slope to give chase. Knowing their days were numbered, the player who fell first took a running leap off the ledge, denying their enemies the satisfaction of killing them. Because ultimately, dodgeball is a mental game.

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