Nexomon: Extinction Brings Major Rebalancing With New Patch

: Extinction lowers game difficulty while adding a special new mechanic to reward players who build bonds with their Nexomon.

The recently-released Nexomon: Extinction has received a patch across all platforms to address concerns about the game’s difficulty. In addition to creating a gentler difficulty curve, the patch deepens the game’s mechanics by adding a new stat known as “Harmony.”

Nexomon: Extinction has a few unique features that differentiate it from the Pokemon games, chief among them a “dynamic difficulty” feature. As players progress through the story of Nexomon: Extinction, enemy Nexomon grow stronger alongside the player’s Nexomon, thanks to automatic level-scaling. However, players reported that level-scaling was often so vigorous that both rival Tamer-owned Nexomon and wild Nexomon would always outlevel their own team. This made advancing through the game a slow and frustrating process that required lots of grinding.

The patch changes a number of game elements to make the player’s early-game Nexomon more viable, In addition to less aggressive enemy level-scaling, Nexomon now have a hidden Harmony stat that rises as players rack up wins with a given Nexomon by their side. A high Harmony stat results in Nexomon earning more experience per battle, and growing more quickly as a result.

Another issue players noticed as they traversed Nexomon: Extinction’s diverse in-game locations was a quirk regarding how Nexomon learn moves, known as “skills.” Nexomon learn skills in a random order, and before the major patch, it was possible for Nexomon to permanently miss access to some moves if players caught them later in the game. After the patch, this is no longer a concern, as every Nexomon will eventually have access to every skill with enough level-ups.

The patch fixes a large number of bugs and provides some additional in-game items when players start a new file. Given Nexomon‘s generally stellar reviews, those on the fence should consider giving the game a try.

Nexomon: Extinction is now available on PC/Mac, PS4, and Switch, with an Xbox One release coming soon.

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