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With little fanfare, 's UK division has just dropped a 20 minute showcase.

Rumours began to circulate earlier in the day that a Direct was about to drop this evening, and those rumours were fuelled by a string of developers tweeting vague announcements through their own channels.

And come 2200 AEST, UK unveiled an “Indie Highlights” video. It runs through a bunch of trailers back to back, showing off some new footage from games that were already announced for the platform (like Bad North and The Gardens Between).

Some games would have flown under the radar – Children of Morta looks delightful, and I don't remember hearing or seeing anything about that previously – and the footage of Everspace looks much better than I expected. Slay the Spire‘s integration of the touchscreen also augurs very nicely for a bunch of other card-based games that haven't come to the Switch yet (cough Hearthstone cough).

You can watch the full highlights reel below.

There was your usual mix of ports making their way over, but it's the fresher faces that I'm most intrigued about. Morphies Law looks bizarre as all hell, and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom should play nicely.

Update 2220 AEST: Just got a note from the PR for Morphies Law that the game will be going live on the eShop today. There's a separate trailer, if you don't want to watch the whole reel above.

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