Nintendo Switch Reporting Download Errors After Firmware Update

The Switch update, after being pulled and reinstated, leaves many fans frustrated and confused with connection issues.

Owners of the Switch console are finding their systems difficult to use properly after the latest update. Switch users are taking to Reddit to share potential solutions with each other and vent their frustrations.

Ever since launch, the Nintendo Switch has received firmware updates to improve performance, add features, and fix bugs. The 12.0.3 update, however, is causing frustrating problems despite the enticing prospect of an added feature foreshadowing the addition of Bluetooth audio to the Switch.

Nintendo Switch firmware 12.0.3 released on June 7, 2021, and while the firmware update was pulled due to an issue that caused Switch consoles to be unable to download content from the Nintendo eShop, it was relisted for download later and remains downloadable right now. As the Nintendo eShop is the primary method of buying games on the Switch besides buying a physical cartridge, gamers are understandably frustrated with the issue. Many took to Reddit to express their frustrations with being unable to download games like Little Nightmares 2. While the problem continues to frustrate users, some have began sharing solutions while they wait for Nintendo to offer an official fix.

Many replies to the Reddit PSA about the issue suggest solutions. Many users have had success after retrying the download several times, and others have found setting their system DNS to point to Google’s DNS addresses makes downloads work properly. Still, with some users still stuck, it could be a few days before Nintendo releases an official fix, meaning players may not have access to the Nintendo Switch’s great library of games.

It is clear that Nintendo’s decision to relist the firmware for consumer download came prematurely, as the issues persist with the system and prevent gamers from downloading eShop content. Nintendo’s official reason for the firmware being pulled is that MicroSDXC cards would cause connection issues, which, given that the problem being discussed on Reddit affects eShop content downloading, lines up with fan complaints. This problem will surely cause many Switch owners to avoid buying games on the service until the issue is fixed with another update, as the workarounds are extra effort expended on an issue that should not have existed in the first place.

By releasing firmware 12.0.3 publicly, Nintendo has caused large problems for a significant amount of Switch owners, and the teams working on firmware updates for the system will need to issue a fix quickly if the company intends to keep users buying games on the eShop. Preventing players from downloading and updating their games is a major issue for players who own many digital games and play online often, and digital-only games will be hit especially hard by this issue. Hopefully the massive issues with Nintendo’s flagship console are not an indicator of what its upcoming E3/Nintendo Treehouse Live presentation has in store.

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