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Back in April, we reported that the Switch emulator Yuzu was able to boot up commercial games. Work has been proceeding since then, and the emulator can get one of the console’s best titles in-game.

The Switch emulator Yuzu can now get Super Mario in-game. The game, however, is quite far from being playable, with bad performance and several graphics glitches, but it’s definitely a start. You can check the emulator launching the game in the video below.

Other games, unlike Super Mario Odyssey, can be run in an almost playable state, such as One Piece Unlimited World Red.

Back in April, the development team shared a small roadmap, confirming the focus in emulating the NVIDIA Maxwell GPU.

Currently, yuzu has two major development fronts that are ongoing: First, we are trying to get more games booting further, to the point that they are trying to render frames, and second, to try to emulate the Nvidia Maxwell GPU. Even for simple games such as these, Maxwell emulation has shown to be quite challenging – and we suspect that this will be our biggest focus in the coming months.

More information on the Switch Yuzu emulator can be found on the emulator’s Official Website.

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