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Nintendo’s upcoming online service will finally enable cloud saves on the . Well, most Switch will have cloud saving but a handful of games – including Dark Souls Remastered and Splatoon 2 – won’t.

Nintendo’s online service will introduce cloud saving to the console to paid subscribers. It’s a step back from the comfort of being able to freely back up our saves that other platforms have made us accustomed to but it’s something.

Except GameInformer has reported that multiple games will not have cloud saving enabled. An investigation of multiple games’ product pages found a warning that read: “This game does not support Save Data backup.”

In a statement to GameInformer, Nintendo said:

“The vast majority of Nintendo Switch games will support Save Data Cloud backup. However, in certain games this feature would make it possible to, for example, regain items that had been traded to other players, or revert to a higher online multiplayer ranking that had been lost. To ensure fair play, Save Data Cloud backup may not be enabled for such games. To ensure that Save Data Cloud backups cannot be used to unfairly affect online multiplayer rankings, the feature will not be enabled in Splatoon 2.”

Basically, games where the players can manipulate save backups to get an unfair advantage in some way won’t have cloud saves.

The full list of affected games is not known at this time but GameInformer spotted warnings on Pokemon Let’s Go, Splatoon 2, Dark Souls Remastered, Dead Cells, FIFA 19, and NBA 2K19.


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