Overwatch 2 Clip Shows Mercy Clutching Game By Using an Emote

A creative player claims victory in a competitive match as Mercy by using one of her emotes to cleverly hide in plain sight.

A clever 2 player was able to claim victory in a competitive match with the creative application of a Mercy emote. This hilarious clip shows Mercy using the emote to buy their team just enough time to claim victory in the match.

The replay was shared by Redditor and Overwatch 2 player SponsorTomix. Their team lost the competitive match because the enemy team's Mercy player contested the payload for over a minute while hiding in plain sight using an emote in a play that left their team completely fooled.

As the match went into Overtime, the enemy Mercy player used the Relax emote – which has the healer sit down indefinitely until canceled – to squat down in a nearby bush, virtually vanishing from sight. The bush was close enough to the payload to contest it, prolonging the long enough for their team to respawn. The enemy team proceeded to return and win the next fight, claiming the payload and the Overwatch 2 match victory.

This is far from the first fan to apply clever use of emotes to make an awesome Overwatch 2 play. Other players have used emotes to glitch through walls, and even to avoid ultimates and headshots in Overwatch 2. Though difficult to pull off, the manipulation of visual zones and hitboxes are always impressive when successful.

Other Overwatch 2 players shared their stories of similar plays involving the bushes scattered across the maps. According to fans, Lucio players are especially infamous for using this tactic, as they can still provide aid to their nearby players with his passive auras. Some even said they tend to shoot every bush they come across just in case there is an enemy Overwatch 2 support hero hiding out in them.

Hilariously, this trick only works if players don't have Overwatch 2 at minimum graphics settings. If players turn their graphics down, the bushes don't render, depriving the enemy team of the hiding spots without their knowledge. Players have used this tactic to counter sneaky strategies–sometimes without even realizing their opponent was trying to hide.

For this reason, some fans recommend playing competitive Overwatch 2 on the lowest settings because of this, and to ensure maximum FPS. Others find it frustrating that playing optimally requires them to sacrifice graphical fidelity. Either way, if players want to avoid being bamboozled in the same way as SponsorTomix, they will have to either kill their graphics or check every bush just to be sure.

Overwatch 2 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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