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In Overwatch, sniper hero Widowmaker requires cold-blooded poise to play at the highest levels. You have to focus if you want your shots to cut through the chaos of battle. During a recent all-Widowmaker tournament, figured out a hard counter to skilful Widows: Loud, bad singing.

The tournament was hosted by Overwatch World Cup and Overwatch League coach Jayne, with $US1000 ($1359) on the line. It was full of preposterously tense peek duels and gorgeously timed shots. Also this:

Jayne decided to listen in on comms between the competing players. Initially, he just heard trash talk, but then one of the players began singing an off-key rendition of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP,” another player immediately shouted in response.

But then something magical happened: Everybody started off-key scream-singing at each other. Sometimes there were lyrics, other times there primal sounds emerging from deep within their psyches. Indeed, these country roads would take them home — and send each of their foes down a highway to Hell.

After struggling to keep from cracking up, Jayne declared it “psychological ”, muted the voice channel, and continued commentating. While it was heartbreaking to see such a perfect moment come to an end, his ears probably thanked him for it.

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