Overwatch’s LEGO Bastion Skin Looks Great

This week Overwatch fans are enjoying one of the cooler in-game challenges: the ability to unlock a blue-and-yellow, themed, skin. It looks amazing, until you try and actually use it.

The Overwatch Brick challenge has plenty of goals for people, but there’s only one that really matters: the insanely good looking legendary skin. Even Bastion’s bird companion Ganymede has gotten a LEGO transformation. It’s super adorable, and the character even spits out little bricks on the ground in turret mode.

There’s just one problem. To keep everything thematically appropriate, Blizzard has customised Bastion’s muzzle flash to be more in line with a LEGO character. The end result of that, as pointed out by Kolorblind, an Overwatch streamer and Bastion main, is that the flash takes up an inordinate amount of space on the screen.

The projectiles look neat in isolation, but the flash taking up almost a quarter of the screen is a massive problem when you’re trying to track targets at distance. The effect isn’t as pronounced in much more open spaces, and it’s certainly thematic (particularly the effect in Recon mode).

LEGO has done plenty of tie-ins with Overwatch before, and full LEGO skins of the whole Overwatch cast would be one hell of an anniversary event. I’d totally go after a LEGO themed Mei or Symmetra. Seeing a brick version of Hammond in full flight the real life version looks outstanding would be amazing as well, with all the bricks spilling out when its piledriver lands.

If you want to earn the Bastion skin for yourself, you just need to win 9 games across Arcade, Quick Play and ranked. The in-game event will run until September 30 internationally.


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