Player Completes Grand Theft Auto 5 Without Taking Any Damage

A Grand Theft Auto 5 manages to complete the entire main story without taking the slightest bit of damage following months of failed attempts.

For many players, simply finding the time to complete a game’s main story is challenging enough. There are a select few, however, who take the idea of completion one step further; pushing both themselves and their games to their absolute limits by completing titles in record-breaking times or with extreme conditions attached to their runs. Now, one Grand Theft Auto 5 player has achieved the unthinkable by finishing the entirety of the game’s main story without taking any damage whatsoever.

Given the vastness of its single player campaign and the sheer size of GTA 5‘s Los Santos setting, it may not seem like the ideal title for such a challenge, but there is a healthy and growing community of players who would definitely disagree with this notion. For years they have sought to lower the fastest completion time for the title, although in recent months, several have shifted their focus to becoming the first to master the no damage run. After countless failed attempts and hundreds of hours of playtime, one of them has finally pulled it off.

What many had seen as an impossible challenge was eventually overcome by a player known as UnNameD. The challenge involves using mods to lower the three main characters’ HP to 1 and disable Trevor’s Red Mist ability, meaning that even the slightest of hits would have resulted in death and failure. Thanks, however, to some carefully crafted strategies, a ridiculous amount of skill, and a little bit of luck, UnNameD was finally able to reach the game’s end credits unscathed on their 48th attempt. The successful run lasted more than nine hours, although they’ll likely see this as time well spent, as they’re both the first and the only Grand Theft Auto 5 player who has been able to rise to the challenge so far.

Members of the speedrunning community were quick to congratulate UnNameD on Reddit, with many taken aback by the impressive levels of skill on display in the accompanying video evidence. Some even speculated that the achievement would never be replicated due to how difficult a no damage run really is to complete, although there is one prominent GTA 5 speedrunner who may have something to say about that.

DarkViperAU has also spent hundreds of hours attempting the challenge in recent months and has come agonizingly close to succeeding on several occasions. Whether they’ll continue trying or return to more conventional speedruns now that they’ve been beaten to the punch remains to be seen, although it wouldn’t be too surprising if they are eventually able to match or even better UnNameD’s efforts somewhere down the road. For now though, UnNameD can finally relax and enjoy their moment of glory before moving on to the next challenge.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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