PUBG Returns: Pubg Mobile relaunch in India

Multiple reports have suggested that India is going to make a return today, on 19 January. However, no official notice regarding the date of launch, if there is any, has been given by the company.

Ever since PUBG Corporation announced ’s return in India, multiple teasers of the rehashed game have been released but no exact date of launch has been specified. Earlier, it was expected that the game will see an India launch on 25 December 2020. As there are no official confirmations till now, it is very unlikely for the game to be launched on Tuesday.

While some reports have been saying that will be relaunched in the country in the second or third week of January, others have pointed to a March date. No specific date has been mentioned or leaked.

A few days ago, a big PUBG influencer, who goes by the name Maxtern had said that a “deadly announcement” about the game was going to come for PUBG lovers in India, sometime in between 15 and 19 January. He had also said that if his claims fail to land on anything substantial, he will be deleting his Twitter account. Interestingly, the influencer, whose real name is Sagar Thakur, bade goodbye to his Twitter handle three days before the self-set deadline and deleted the account.

According to government of India has still not given permission to PUBG Corp to go ahead with the game in the country. After being banned along with hundreds of other applications in September last year, PUBG Corp ended up with setting its India subsidiary two months later.

India is a massive market for the battle royale game and PUBG has shown its will to take big steps in order to revert the ban. However, GoI has not given any positive sign as of now. Meanwhile, speculations about the launching date of PUBG Mobile in India are to be treated as rumours.

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