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It's no secret Rainbox Six has taken the online community by storm since its launch nearly three years ago. Despite stumbling out of the gates early, the team-based shooter has seen a huge uptick in both player count and popularity, as the “live service” title is in the middle of its third season of DLC. While Ubisoft has done an extraordinary job bringing together the game's communities on home consoles and PC, don't expect the company to do the same for the Switch anytime soon.

According the Rainbow Six Siege brand director Alexandre Remy, there are no plans to bring the game over to the Nintendo Switch. Remy cites a number of reasons for the developer's inability to bring the tactical-shooter to Nintendo's hybrid console, such as the system's technical constraints and the inability for the CPU not being able to withstand its online multiplayer game structure. This is specifically important, as the CPU would be reliant on holding down 60 frames per second on screen for all players.

This isn't the first Ubisoft game to close the door on getting a Nintendo Switch port. Steep, the extreme winter sports game which launched in late 2016, was said to have been in development for the Switch, but has since put an end to its production, citing the need to support the live service of the game on platforms it's already on, while also struggling to find a way to make the game playable on the technically inferior console. Both Steep and Rainbox Six Siege seem to have similar reasons for not coming to Switch, and that is due to the system not being powerful enough.


But that's not to say Ubisoft and Nintendo haven't had success in recent history with launching Switch-exclusive third-party titles. Last August, Ubisoft released Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle with much success. As a matter of fact, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle wound up becoming the best-selling third party title for the Switch less than a month after its release.

As far as the future for Nintendo receiving more games from Ubisoft is concerned, Ubisoft's upcoming Trials Rising is launching across all platforms this February, Starlink: Battle for Atlas is also coming to Switch with exclusive Star Fox content, and 2014's Child of Light and Valiant Hearts: The Great War are set to come to the console this November.

It's no secret most present day games have to be developed differently in order to run well on the Nintendo Switch, if at all, so the fact that Rainbow Six Siege won't be making its way onto the hybrid mobile console shouldn't be too surprising. That said, though, while other large AAA titles such as Destiny 2 and Call of Duty were definitively declared as not coming to Switch, Blizzard has been one company vocal in saying there may be a possibility of Overwatch coming to the console in the future.

Rainbox Six Siege is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Metro

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