Resident Evil 4 Switch Price is High Despite Missing Popular Feature

Capcom seems hellbent on bringing Resident 4 to literally every video game platform imaginable, and as part of that crusade, the game just recently launched for the Nintendo Resident Evil 4 on Switch has a higher price than the game does on other platforms, though, with Capcom selling the nearly 15 year old game for a whopping $30 on Nintendo's latest console, despite the fact that it's missing a popular .

While motion controls are often criticized, the motion controls for Resident Evil 4 on Wii actually earned a great deal of praise. In fact, there are many who consider the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 the superior version of the game due to the improved aiming that the Wii remote affords players. Unfortunately for those hoping to see those motion controls return, it's been confirmed that Resident Evil 4 on Switch does not support motion controls.

It's understandable that some fans may be disappointed to learn that the Switch version of Resident Evil 4 ditches the motion controls. Of course, it's worth pointing out that most versions of Resident Evil 4 don't feature motion controls at all, though most versions of the game also don't retail for $30.

resident evil 4 switch price high despite missing popular feature

Resident Evil 4 on Switch isn't even the only way to play the game on a handheld device. Resident Evil 4 has been released for iOS and Android mobile devices in the past, meaning that the Switch version of Resident Evil 4 doesn't have the big selling point of it being the only way to take the game on the go.

Even though Resident Evil 4 on Switch may have a pretty price tag, there will no doubt be some fans who are willing to shell out the cash. There's a reason why Capcom keeps porting Resident Evil 4 and other Resident Evil games to every platform it can, and that's because the games continue to sell well.

Not to mention Resident Evil 4 is one of the highest-rated, most-influential video games of all time. So while some may be disappointed by the lack of motion controls and comparatively high price tag, others may just be happy to have yet another opportunity to revisit the classic survival-horror game.

Resident Evil 4 is out now for Switch and most other video game devices.

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