Resident Evil Games Are More Expensive on Switch

Capcom recently announced that the HD remasters for Resident Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4 would be coming to the on May 21. While this may be exciting news for Resident Evil fans looking to play some classic survival- on the go, there is one downside that they should be aware of. The Resident Evil games on the Switch will be about $10 more than what they cost on other platforms, selling for $30 instead of $20.

This isn’t an uncommon practice when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, with some referring to the phenomenon as the “Switch tax.” In the past, developers have explained that the added development cost associated with releasing a game on a cartridge is to blame for Switch games being pricier, but most of the Resident Evil games are going to be digital-only. While the Resident Evil 0 remaster is getting a physical release, Resident Evil and Resident Evil 4 will only be available through the eShop, yet will still cost $30.

The $30 tag may also rub fans the wrong way for another reason, and that is the fact that all of these games are fairly old and are widely available on other platforms. Resident Evil 4 in particular has been re-released for virtually every gaming device there is since its initial launch in 2005, and so some players may question why it’s still being sold for $30 in 2019.


None of the games are bringing anything new to the table in terms of content, though the Switch versions do have one unique feature. Since the Switch is a handheld/console hybrid, players can take Resident EvilResident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4 on the go, which could very well justify the price of admission for some fans.

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While some may be disappointed that the upcoming Resident Evil ports for the Switch are more expensive than the games are on other consoles, others may still jump at the chance at reliving these games on the Switch. And if they’re successful, it wouldn’t be a leap to suggest Capcom may consider bringing other Resident Evil games to the Switch in the future.

Resident Evil Games Are More Expensive on Switch 1

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