Riot Games Teases New Valorant Agent

Games has been teasing the new that will launch when the full game goes online. However, fans are noticing an unusual detail that Valorant’s Latin American Twitter accounts have been posting, leading them to question what little they know about the new character.

Valorant has been getting a lot of hype over its full release on June 2. While fans are excited for Valorant’s new map and the game mode that Riot Games has announced, one thing that has their attention is the new Agent that Riot Games has been revealing piece by piece. A lot of new information came out today on Twitter that may give fans a breakthrough into who this character actually is.

Before today, all fans had seen of the new character was her foot from Riot Games’ blog post. However, earlier on May 29 Brazil’s Official Valorant Twitter tweeted a video trailer for the game, which included brief glimpses of the new Agent. The new Agent has a purple aesthetic to her hair and eyes, and wears hoop earrings. Fans thought that was all the information they would be getting on the Agent for the day, but later in the same day, Latin American Valorant Twitter accounts began retweeting a strange video with the hashtag #ReynaIsHere.

Due to these developments, fans now believe the new Agent’s name is Reyna. Her name, which means “Queen” in Spanish, along with her promotion on the Latin American Valorant Twitter accounts leads fans to assume that these are hinting at her character’s culture. However, this information confuses some fans of the series, as players previously thought that the new Valorant Agent would be named Sabine and have vampiric abilities due to leaked voice clips from the game. This may be the result of Riot’s intention to include 12 characters in its initial plans for Valorant’s launch, so it’s possible that if Sabine is not the new Agent’s name, she may be the 12th Agent that Riot was originally intending for the full release of the game.

Whether the new Agent is named Reyna or Sabine or something entirely different, fans are excited to see more of her character when the full Valorant game launches on June 2.

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