Risk of Rain 2 PC Release Date Confirmed

Hopoo Games announces full launch for its roguelike hit of Rain 2, along with a new Survivor, stage and final boss for the game.

Risk of Rain 2 has come a long way since launching last year on PC, and developer Hopoo Games and publisher Gearbox are taking the game out of Early Access with a full on Steam on August 11. The finalized game will come with a $5 hike, from $19.99 to $24.99, so fans that haven’t gotten on board yet may want to take advantage of the lower price tag for RoR 2 while they still can.

The update is set to bring a final boss and stage to the game, taking players and the ragtag group of Survivors they control to the unusual planet’s equally dangerous moon, filled with new lunar enemies and a proper final boss to conquer. The game’s full release was delayed a few months ago, but with Risk of Rain 2‘s trademark scaling difficulty being as imposing as ever, the chances are strong that the average player will have plenty of challenges to stack up with when the patch finally releases next month.

A new Survivor, called the Captain, is also set to make his debut as part of the update. He wields a shotgun-rifle that players can use both up close and afar with a charged shot, and can call down armor and healing zones from the survivors’ ship. Risk of Rain 2 fans voted to have the 1.0 update include an entirely new character to the franchise in a competition held by Hopoo last year, leading to the creation of the Captain as RoR 2‘s tenth playable character.

More items, lore and skill variants are also set to make their way into Risk of Rain 2 next month, along with a much-needed server browser, replacing the game’s limited matchmaking system included at launch with a more robust way for players to start private or public games with options for rule votes, difficulty and password protection. A timeframe on when the update will launch on consoles hasn’t been released yet, but Hopoo expects the patch to come to the game’s PS4, Xbox, and Switch versions in a few months like previous updates.

Risk of Rain 2 is out now in early access on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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