Rumor: Dragon Age 4 Release May Be 3 Years Away

Last week, BioWare teased that a new Age announcement would be on the way soon, with studio GM Casey Hudson saying that the team is “excited” to continue the franchise’s legacy. As fans were left scratching their heads about when this announcement would take place, a new report has shed some light on BioWare’s reveal plans.

A report published today by VentureBeat reveals that EA and BioWare will be showing off “something” Dragon Age 4 related at The Awards 2018 on Thursday. The publication says that it has spoken to sources familiar with BioWare’s plans who have confirmed that EA and BioWare will give fans of the fantasy RPG a hint of what to expect next from the franchise.

However, the game is in the very early stages, so much so that the Dragon Age 4 team has not even decided upon a name for it. The report also states that BioWare has not put a “substantial amount of work” into the game yet, as it is focusing all of its efforts into making Anthem a success. This is a success that the studio sorely needs after the disappointing response to Mass Effect Andromeda.BioWare GM Dragon Age microtransaction

The sources also claim that Dragon Age 4 is at least three away from being released, which means that it won’t launch until 2021 at the very earliest. 2021 is also the expected date for the next generation of consoles, which means that Dragon Age 4 could launch on current and new-gen systems like Dragon Age Inquisition.

Moreover, the report says that Dragon Age 4 has spent more than a year “in limbo.” This may cause alarm bells to sound with fans, especially given that Mass Effect Andromeda‘s rocky development is apparently what led to such a divisive game. But it should be noted that because the game is in such an early stage (it doesn’t sound as though it has even entered production), this may not be such a problem.

Rumor: Dragon Age 4 Release May Be 3 Years Away 1

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