Rumor: Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak Offers Story and Setting Details

Grand 6 rumors are a frequent occurrence indeed, and they have ranged from indication that GTA 6 will be a timed PS5 exclusive to statements that set its location as Vice City. While no such details have been officially confirmed by Rockstar, these rumors often spark excitement in the community, and a new Grand Theft Auto 6 “leak” looks to fuel anticipation even further, claiming to provide information on the game’s story, setting, and more.

To note, this Grand Theft Auto 6 leak originates on Reddit, and the user cites their sources as “two friends who are very reliable and have worked for places such as Kotaku and PC Gamer.” While they also claim to have a “very dear friend who works for Rockstar” that won’t deny these details, fans should certainly approach this GTA 6 leak with extreme skepticism.

To begin, the leak claims that Grand Theft Auto 6 will follow a single, male protagonist, a notion that is in conflict with a previously rumored GTA 6 female protagonist, and its story is said to be “heavily inspired” by the Netflix series Narcos. To that end, the leak states that the game’s lead is an “up and coming drug lord-wannabe,” and the title follows his rise from being a drug smuggler to “making connection with big time drug lords” and beyond.

This new GTA 6 rumor claims that the rise will occur through the 1970s and 1980s, and it will span locations. More specifically, the leak suggests that the protagonist begins by running drugs from Vice City to “a new fictional location based on Rio de Janeiro.” It is indicated that these two primary locations will be supplemented by “some linear missions” in Liberty City, and, notably, previous rumors have claimed that GTA 6 will feature Vice City and Liberty City.
grand theft auto 6 leak story and setting

With respect to how these GTA 6 settings will be brought to life, the leaks claims that weather, such as a hurricanes and floods, is a “heavy focus” for Rockstar with this title. Furthermore, it is said that the buildings and vehicles that populate these cities will change as time progresses in the game, and the leaker also emphasizes that characters “speak the language they’re native to,” which means there will be heavy subtitles, particularly in the location based on South America.

Additionally, the leak claims that the GTA 6 story will touch on HIV and immigration, and it will contain a fictionalized take on Fidel Castro. It is also said that a “giant prison” will play a part in the game.

The leak goes on to provide more details, including information on elements of the GTA 6 gameplay and the title’s production. One aspect it does not look to confirm though is the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date, as the leak claims that there is no ETA for one. As such, fans may be waiting a while to see if any of the information in this GTA 6 leak proves true, but some will certainly enjoy simply engaging with this rumor for the time being.

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