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In recent months, there have been quite a few leaks about 3. Enix seems unable to keep a lid on the development of the hotly anticipated game as information keeps trickling out. The existence of the game’s Frozen world was leaked prior to the official announcement, for example, as have other features and locations within the game.

The latest leak, if true, could be one of the biggest yet. YouTuber DreamcastGuy cites a source who is close to Square Enix who says that Kingdom Hearts 3 may come to Nintendo . This anonymous source claims that the company is currently “deep in talks” regarding the matter and is currently trying to figure out if bringing the game to the is worth its time. DreamcastGuy again stresses that Square Enix is “heavily interested” in releasing Kingdom Hearts 3 on the console, noting that “deeply interested” is the exact phrase that the source used.

The YouTuber explains that it doesn’t appear that Square Enix has actually begun development on this and that it is currently putting the “feelers” out. One possibility floated by DreamcastGuy is that Square Enix may release a Kingdom Hearts collection on Nintendo Switch first, assessing the sales of this to gauge whether there is interest on the console.

Just today, the company announced Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far for PS4, including the important, plot-relevant titles in one package. It’s reasonable to think that Nintendo would launch this specific package on the Switch. It seems like an effective way to introduce new players to the franchise, getting them on-board with the important story beats without spending a lot of time and resources in just releasing Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Switch.

With all of this in mind, it seems highly unlikely that even if Kingdom Hearts 3 is headed to the Switch, it will be available alongside the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Those versions release in just over three months and, if the source is correct and Square Enix is still in discussions, that just isn’t enough time to get the game prepared.

The company may also be trying to figure out if the Switch version will include any Switch-specific features that utilize the Joy-Cons and the touchscreen. This is all takes time so those hoping to play Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Nintendo Switch will just have to be patient.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will release on PS4 and Xbox One in Japan on January 25th and then in the West on January 29th.

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