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Four years after its last update, the official Merriam-Webster Dictionary is having around 300 new words added to the .

As AP reports, 20 of those start with Q, like “Qapik”, which is “a monetary unit of Azerbaijan, equal to 1/100 of the Azerbaijani manat”. Also added are some Asian culinary treasures, like “bibimbap” and “sriracha”, while Italians get “arancini”.

“Zen” is included, notable because it’s weird it wasn’t already, which you could also say for “OK”, since I swear I’ve been using that for years.

The internet has predictably played a big part too, with words like “botnet”, “facepalm”, “hivemind”, “emoji” and “sheeple” making the cut.

Of all the new words added lexicographer Peter Sokolowski, editor at large at Merriam-Webster, has a favourite: “macron”, not for its scoring ability, but because “I just like what it means.”

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