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Since the Nintendo Switch launched last year, owners have been begging for a way to backup their save data as no method was actually available. Even though Nintendo will be offering the ability to save game data to the cloud when it launches its online service later this month, fans might be disappointed to hear that not all games will include this feature.

This news comes from the updated information page for Splatoon 2 on Nintendo’s official website stating that the game will not support backup saves to the cloud. Other notable games will also exclude this feature including the upcoming Dark Souls: Remastered and FIFA 19. Each of these games feature an important online component and Nintendo says that the reason players won’t be able to backup their save data for these titles is to prevent them from cheating.

Nintendo confirmed that the majority of Switch titles would support backup saving to the cloud, yet in titles like Splatoon 2, players could use their backup saves to exploit unfair advantages in the game. In games like Splatoon 2 where player rankings and specific items can either be lost or obtained, having backup data might cause players to boot up an old file to make sure they don’t lose their hard earned rankings or items. Similarly in a game like Dark Souls, being able to undo a player’s mistake and reloading previous save data would also negate the punishing nature of the game.


Even though cloud saving will put an end to a huge problem that Nintendo Switch owners have faced since launch, it’s a bit of a disappointment for those who could easily lose hours of progress in a game such as Splatoon 2. Another issue Switch owners have faced is the fact that there is no way to even backup save data to a physical form of memory and that save data has been locked to a console. While gamers are likely handling a $300 piece of hardware with the utmost care regardless, the possibility of either misplacing or breaking a Switch is a huge issue which could cause gamers to lose hours of game data.

Nintendo Switch Online will launch later this month and will cost $19.99 annually. While the low cost of Nintendo’s new online service is a huge plus compared to other systems’ services, only time will tell how it compares to the likes of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live.

Nintendo Switch Online will be available in September 2018.

Source: Kotaku

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