Sony patents new PlayStation controller design with two extra buttons

After all the leaks and teases of 's 5, the company finally confirmed that the next-generation gaming console will be coming out towards the end of 2020. It also announced that a new and upgraded was coming and now, a new patent suggests that it could arrive with two on the bottom.

Polygon reported that a new controller design patent was secured by Sony on 26 December. The documentation of this controller was found in the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) database. Its design is almost the same as the Dualshock 4 controllers, however, the PS button has disappeared and two additional buttons are visible on the bottom.

While this is a prototype design and not final, we could see a different controller in the final version. However, the two back buttons are similar to the recently announced Dualshock 4 attachment releasing on 23 January. The new buttons can be reportedly programmed to perform the functions of other buttons. It's also said that the controller could be customisable since the button can be moved to other places.

Sony patent for PS controller. Image: WIPO

Polygon pointed out that this design features a micro-USB port on the top, but Sony could be packing a USB-C port on the new controllers, based on previous patent leaks. Hence, the new design could actually be of an older model or just one of the early iterations of the next controller. We'll know for sure when it's officially revealed in 2020.

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