Space Haven Alpha 2 released, you can now build a fleet of ships

Space , the in-development spaceship building and exploration sim from Bugbyte just had a pretty big update to the Alpha. Funded on Kickstarter, it’s inspired by the likes of RimWorld and Oxygen Not Included combining elements of them both with the tile-building and gas-simulation into something unique.

Alpha 2 was released this week, which includes some pretty big changes like:

  • Build a Fleet of spaceships – Many new user interface menus implemented.
  • Select placement of your fleet in a sector – Jump out of hyperspace and surround your enemy.
  • Salvage almost everything from any derelict spaceship – Introduction of a new facility: The Scrapper.
  • Sketch your spaceships with a sketch tool – Activate parts of the sketch when you so desire.
  • Many more smaller fixes and improvements – Read about them in the in-game main menu patch notes section!

This new Sketch feature is actually very handy, it’s like drawing out a blueprint of where you wish to expand your ship without anything happening until you then activate it. Works very well, makes expanding your ship an absolute breeze as you can see in the before and after shots below:

My crew are now a little less grumpy with a place to sleep, working them into the ground is not the best idea.

Very impressed at the level of quality here, even their built-in updater worked perfectly to get me onto the latest version.

I think you’re going to enjoy this one. Especially if you’re a huge space nerd like me, I adore space sci-fi and building games like this. Considering it’s still very early, there’s quite a lot available to play with. I’m enjoying it a lot more than Meeple Station for sure, the graphical style is a lot more pleasing to me personally.

Here’s something slightly amusing, don’t send a sleepy crew member to explore a derelict ship that’s infested with creepy bugs. They can and will take a nap:

Another part which makes Space Haven different from other similar games, is that you can take direct control over multiple people. You “Draft” them, get them equipped and move them around. It makes parts of the game, like exploration, more tactical. However, it’s quite basic in the current form with your controls, so I actually hope they expand that a little.

I love the attention to details in Space Haven already, a quick tap of ALT and you can adjust what walls you see. You can turn them all off to see just their base, you can see every single wall, turn off just the inner walls, just the back walls and so on. Lots of tweaking for how you want to see it all.

If you want a copy now you can pick it up here early or wait for the Steam/GOG release.


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