Square Enix Reveals How Long Dragon Quest Treasures Takes to Beat

, despite being another offshoot game rather than a proper new installment, will take players a delightfully long time to clear.

Treasures releases this week, which is soon enough that tantalizing details are already available. Thanks to a recent interview, anxious consumers now have an estimate as to how long it will take to clear the Dragon Treasures campaign.

Dragon Quest Treasures is the newest addition to the beloved Dragon Quest franchise, serving as an offshoot series in the vein of Dragon Quest Monsters. The games first came west as Dragon Warrior when Nintendo localized the first entry and gave it away to Nintendo Power subscribers way back in 1989 (the global name became Dragon Quest starting with Dragon Quest 8 for PlayStation 2). Since then, the IP has built a following among those gamers who like their turn-based RPGs set in sprawling medieval worlds populated by the lovably malicious Dragon Quest slime enemies, ambitious sorcerers with an eye on world domination, and the brave heroes who risk everything to put them in their place.

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