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Last week UploadVR wrote about Modbox developer Lee Vermeulen showcasing Valve’s new skeletal input API for SteamVR. Using the original HTC Vive controllers, Vermeulen demonstrated an impressive replication of the user’s thumb movements. After many requests, the developer is back to showcase the same API running with Valve’s new controllers.

It proves one crucial point: Knuckles are perfect for petting cats.

Yes, Vermeulen employs his feline friend to showcase just how accurate the new API is paired with the upcoming controllers. Movement in each finger is replicated with impressive accuracy, right down to imitating when the developer frees his fingers to give his cat a good old scratches. Although it does look a little like the virtual hand is beckoning the kitty to come closer, which is a bit creepy.

All jokes aside, this another demonstration of how the API’s algorithms can simulate real-world hand movement using predictive methods. It’s not dedicated finger-tracking, but it looks like it does a pretty good job of simulating it. As with the last video, Vermeulen used a ZED Mini with the HTC Vive to show a side-by-side of what finger movements look like in the real world compared with how they are shown in VR.

Right now we have no idea when the Knuckles controllers will be arriving, though we’ve still got our fingers (both real and virtual) crossed that it will be later this year. Modbox itself will be getting support for the API when it’s finished.

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