Nintendo Announces Super Nintendo World Direct Start Time

surprisingly announces a new direct, but not one that is focused on games, as it is a Super Nintendo World Direct.

Nintendo has just announced a new direct live stream, with this one entirely focused on Super Nintendo World. The direct will not have any gaming content involved, as it will entirely feature the new Nintendo area in Universal Studios Japan.

Over the months, fans have looked for any bit of information on the Nintendo-based theme park area at Universal Studios Japan. Although images have leaked for Super Nintendo World early on and small bits of information has been shared, this 15 minute Nintendo Direct could reveal details that fans have been waiting for. Nintendo was careful to reiterate that this is a theme-park specific Nintendo Direct, so fans shouldn’t be looking for long-awaited titles like Mother 3 or Metroid Prime 4.

Although fans could be disappointed with a Nintendo Direct of only 15 minutes in normal circumstances, that amount of time is more than enough to reveal new rides, details of specific areas, the full menu at the Mario Cafe in Super Nintendo World, and more. The Direct live stream will take place tomorrow, December 18, at 3 pm PT.

Super Nintendo World is opening in February, just a couple of months from now. The success of the theme park is important in many ways, including the fact that there are plans to bring Super Nintendo World to both Universal Studios Hollywood in California and Universal’s Epic Universe in Orlando. If Super Nintendo World is a hit in Japan, and tomorrow could point to that being the case, then it should not be too long until a Super Nintendo World Direct is in place for US locations.

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