Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Adds Piranha Plant

As with previous updates to Super . Ultimate, replays of matches will no longer work after the game has been updated. Players who want to preserve their replays will need to convert them to video format in the Vault before applying the to the game.

The latest should help to keep Smash Bros. players entertained until its paid DLC characters start to drop. Persona 5‘s Joker was previously announced as being Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s first paid DLC fighter, but Nintendo has only revealed that the Fighter Pass DLC will be completed by February of 2020, with no exact release dates for individual fighters yet available. At least four other DLC fighters will also be announced under the Fighter Pass DLC, but with no Nintendo Directs yet announced for 2019, it will likely be a while yet before the identities of the remaining fighters are revealed.

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