The Division 2 Bug May Affect Weapon Damage

Some players believe that the launch of World Tier 5 and its accompanying title update introduced or uncovered a bug in The Division 2 that is causing their weapon damage to noticeably decrease. Players first shared the observation on The Division subreddit, but there is some disagreement about what may or may not be causing it.

The original poster, Yoyuyi999, posted a video showing a loadout in The Division 2 with weapon damage of 19,955 (8,792 with normalization on). Then, when the player switches to a different loadout and then back to the original loadout, the weapon damage drops to 17,212 (7,584 with normalization). The player claims that they have tested the weapon damage against enemies and that it is an actual damage drop, not just a UI bug from switching loadouts.

The solution to this apparently new Division 2 weapon glitch is to log out and log back in. Yoyuyi999 reports that logging out with the desired loadout equipped and then back in will correctly readjust the weapon damage. But switching loadouts will apparently repeat the bug and drop the weapon damage.

Others on the subreddit aren’t so sure about the report. Some have countered the original poster saying that they cannot replicate the same issue and that something specific to the original poster’s case may be at work. That may also suggest that if this is truly a bug, it might not be affecting all players. Additionally, some claim that it is a visual bug only, where The Division 2‘s UI is not correctly updating while the damage itself is remaining the same. However, another redditor shared a video of his own experience, which appears to back up the existence of the bug:

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It may take the game’s developer Massive Entertainment to clear up the confusion on this one and to confirm whether a bug is at work in this case or not. If the bug is confirmed, it was likely introduced on April 5, 2019 with the release of World Tier 5 and the Invasion update that changed Skills and Mods.

If this is confirmed to be true, Massive will almost surely want to fix the issue before the April 25th launch of the franchise’s first 8-player raid, Operation Dark Hours.

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