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Developers and enforcers are recovering from another lengthy, exhausting . But for one particular studio, PAX Australia ended up being a touch more brutal.

As they have in years prior, SMG Studio – makers of Death Squared, One More Line – were setting up their stand in the indies section for PAX Australia. Part of the setup involved carrying a sizeable TV, large enough for passing crowds to enjoy the action.

Small problem: large TVs can be difficult to move. They especially don’t like being dropped, even less so when you step on them.

The TV was designed to be used vertically, as you can see here. This screen wasn’t coming back to life anytime soon, however.

The drop wasn’t without a bit of physical pain either, with SMG’s director (who dropped the screen) getting a shard of the panel stuck in his wrist. Ouch.

SMG ended up replacing the screen. It’s not the first time a developer has had to make a quick JB Hi-Fi run to get the booth ready for the public. But out of all the things that can happen at a convention, having to replace a big screen last minute is pretty high on the list of things you don’t want.

And it’s also a good reminder: wrap up any cords so you don’t step on them. It might even save you a chunk of money.

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