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Developers and enforcers are recovering from another lengthy, exhausting . But for one particular studio, PAX Australia ended up being a touch more brutal.

As they have in years prior, SMG Studio – makers of Death Squared, One More Line – were setting up their stand in the indies section for PAX Australia. Part of the setup involved carrying a sizeable TV, large enough for passing crowds to enjoy the action.

Small problem: large TVs can be difficult to move. They especially don’t like being dropped, even less so when you step on them.

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The TV was designed to be used vertically, as you can see here. This screen wasn’t coming back to life anytime soon, however.

The drop wasn’t without a bit of physical pain either, with SMG’s director (who dropped the screen) getting a shard of the panel stuck in his wrist. Ouch.

SMG ended up replacing the screen. It’s not the first time a developer has had to make a quick JB Hi-Fi run to get the booth ready for the public. But out of all the things that can happen at a convention, having to replace a big screen last minute is pretty high on the list of things you don’t want.

And it’s also a good reminder: wrap up any cords so you don’t step on them. It might even save you a chunk of money.

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