The second Beta of Godot Engine 3.2 is out with more WebAssembly work

Just over two weeks after the first, the second for the big upcoming Engine 3.2 release is now available.

The big highlight coming with this release is support for Mono exports, which they say means you can now run things built in Godot Engine with C# and run them on the web. That actually sounds pretty awesome, will be fun to see what people cook up with that.

If you’re working with the Mono version, they’re now using the Mono 6.6.0 Preview as they needed it for WebAssembly support in Mono which of course comes with plenty of other improvements. However, the Godot 3.2 Beta 2 build does not include AOT compilation support, while merged it will arrive with a maintenance release once it’s had more testing.

A huge amount more is coming with Godot 3.2, it’s going to be a nice boost for game developers who want to work with a free and open source game engine.

Want to know more? You can see in the in-progress changelog for 3.2 here. You can also find the full announcement for Godot Engine 3.2 Beta 2 here.


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