Tips & Tricks for 5 Fast & Furious Takedown


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Fast & Furious film, but we’ve have had plenty of licensed to enjoy from the blockbuster franchise!

The latest playable project to come from the hot rods and even hotter stunts film franchise is Fast & Furious Takedown. This new mobile racer transforms you into the latest automotive thrill seeker who’s out to their claim and dominate the road. Besides racing for respect, there’s wild missions to complete and a host of challenges to take head on! This developer crafted guide will steer you in the right direction and make you the best mobile racer to have ever driven (and drifted)!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Fast & Furious Takedown:

1. Missions

Tips & Tricks for 5 Fast & Furious Takedown 1

Universal Studios Interactive

• Missions are to some of the most exciting moments in the game, from furious freeway tanker truck takedowns to harrowing helicopter chase sequences. There’s plenty of incredible benefits within this mode that comes from completing its varied tasks. You can earn Gold from completing missions to expedite opening timed cases or purchasing new cases/cards from the shop. You can obtain Stars from completing missions to open a special reward case that gets better with every unlock, providing you with even rarer vehicles. Having a tough time during a mission? Play Versus mode to earn cases, which might contain upgrade cards or even new cars!

2. Challenges

Fast and Furious Takedown

Universal Studios Interactive

• Challenges are the key to earning large amounts of Cash (the secondary currency of the game), which players need in order to upgrade and repair their cars. There are two challenges at launch, with more planned for the .

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3. Distance Challenges

Fast and Furious Takedown

Universal Studios Interactive

• Distance Challenges players to reach checkpoints in the shortest amount of time possible, but it won’t be easy. Obstacles are everywhere, from traffic to construction equipment. Vehicles with good Handling, , and Boost stats are the most useful for this mode (Street and Sport cars are your best bets). If players are taking a ton of damage during an early run, they shouldn’t give up! Every 3rd checkpoint will refill their health!

4. Takedown Challenges

Tips & Tricks for 5 Fast & Furious Takedown 2

Universal Studios Interactive

• Takedown Challenges tasks players with knocking out opponent vehicles continuously to keep a timer alive. Vehicles with good Armor and Attack stats are useful in this mode (Muscle and Custom rides are the preferred vehicles for these Challenges).

5. Versus Mode

Tips & Tricks for 5 Fast & Furious Takedown 4

Universal Studios Interactive

• Versus Mode is your main source of competition within Fast & Furious Takedown. Winning a race will earn players both Respect and a Reward Case. Earn enough Respect and you’ll ascend to the next league, which increases the amount of bonuses earned from each case. To increase the odds of success in a match, keep a look out for short cuts – these are often hidden behind chain-link fences.

Tips & Tricks for 5 Fast & Furious Takedown 6

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