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As many eSports fans would likely attest, the London Spitfire’s defeat of the Philadelphia Fusion during the League Grand Finals was an exciting affair to say the least, with attendance at the event reaching nearly 11,000. Although the match occurred earlier this summer, the superstar Triple H has decided to send a custom WWE Championship Belt to the London Spitfire for their win and for making eSports history as the league’s first-ever champions.

As seen in the tweet below, Triple H’s custom belt for the London Spitfire includes side plates that feature the team’s logo, along with the text “Overwatch League Champions 2018.” The professional wrestler and 14-time WWE World Champion also used the occasion to congratulate the London Spitfire founder and CEO Jack Etienne by writing, “This custom title is coming to you!”

For those unaware, the London Spitfire’s win in the first season of the Overwatch League is far from the first event that has inspired Triple H to send out custom WWE belts to the victors. As it so happens, he’s sent plenty of belts to successful sports teams in the past, with Manchester City and the Philadelphia Eagles both receiving commemorative belts from the pro wrestler for their the Premier League win and 2018 Super Bowl victory, respectively.

All things considered, while Triple H’s acknowledgement of the London Spitfire being crowned the first-ever Overwatch League champs may seem simple enough to some, others will surely see it as a sign of eSports continually making its way into the mainstream. After all, the Olympic Council of Asia made a formal announcement about a year ago that eSports will be made official medal sports at the upcoming 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, which indicates that it could become an even bigger phenomenon at some point down the line.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Triple H – Twitter

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