Tweet composer is not working on Nintendo Switch

was launched back in 2017, and a few fans had some reservations about it. However, the gaming console seemed to offer it all. Whereas some users had highlighted the fact that lacked a browser on the device, others were content with what they received: that is, being able to access Facebook and Twitter from .

The console offered its users some basic ways to browse various social media platforms. The interface was not, in any way, convenient, and the lack of an in-built browser meant that the users had very limited options as to what they could access from their Switch. However, it is understandable given that Switch is a gaming console.

The reverse-engineer Jane Manchung Wong on Twitter recently posted that the tweet composer on Nintendo Switch is not working. The tweet was accompanied by a screenshot of the same where we can clearly see the ‘Retry’ button which indicates the failure to send a tweet.

This could be a temporary glitch on the part of Nintendo. However, since Nintendo is yet to acknowledge this issue, it is not clear if it, indeed, is a temporary glitch faced by a number of people using Twitter on Nintendo Switch, or if the disruption is caused by something else entirely. Switch, at first, used the old mobile version of Twitter which was functional, but very recently it was updated.

Another issue that seems to be hazy is that Jane Wong does not explain in her tweet if all other functions on Twitter, such as browsing, liking, or retweeting a tweet, are working fine on Switch. At this point, only Nintendo Switch can clarify this issue.

On a separate note, Nintendo Switch has decided to cut its price and bring it down to $250 for the Switch base model.

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