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Blizzard Entertainment announced at BlizzCon today that : is coming. It is a remaster of its classic real-time strategy game Warcraft .

Warcraft III first came out in 2002 and sold over 3 copies. This new version includes new visuals (Blizzard said it’ll have 62 single-player missions, and in gameplay that World of Warcraft senior producer Jeff Stilwell showed off, you could see the visual improvements, with less blocky characters and much better-looking levels.

World of Warcraft Classic releases in 2019.

Reforged will also have a better user interface, a World Editor with big improvements (remember, this editor spawned the Defense of the Ancients mod, which would be the foundation for League of and Dota 2, games that helped reduce the RTS genre’s popularity). You’ll be able to use the tools to create MOBAs and tower defense games.

Warcarft helped establish the RTS genre, and its the first of the three pillars (joining StarCraft and Diablo) that built Blizzard into one of the biggest and most important studios in gaming. Warcraft III is considered one of the best, if not the No. 1, RTS ever made.

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