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The 2016 reboot of Doom is one of the most beloved and acclaimed FPS games of the modern era. It ditches traditional, slow-paced storytelling for relentless and brutal gameplay that goes for hours and hours. It’s a gameplay driven game and Doom Eternal looks to be the same.

Announced at E3 2018, the sequel to Doom just got its first gameplay at QuakeCon. We got a TON of gameplay showcasing the classic fast-paced bloody violence, new features such as the ability for players to invade your campaign as demons, and an amount of new ways to rip and tear your way through Hell on Earth.

The demons have moved away from Mars to your home planet and it’s up to a much more hardened version of The Doom Slayer to send them back to the bowels of Hell. With a new, much more badass armor set, new guns, and tools like a grappling hook and a blade attached to his arm, The Doom Slayer is more than well-equipped for the fight.

The Doomslayer has a new look in Doom Eternal.
The Doomslayer has a new look in Doom Eternal.

In the gameplay, we see a bunch of new enemies both big and small, new ways of traversal such as wall-climbing, parkour, and more. id Software was also sure to give a face to some of the monsters who unleashed the demons by showcasing some UAC scientists and security guards. It’s unclear exactly how much of a role they’ll play in the final game but perhaps we’ll get to make sure they get their well-deserved ass-whooping.

They were also keen on making clear that Doom Eternal will pave the way for a larger future with the franchise. “We’re not building a Doom game, we’re building a Doom universe.”

If you’re a Doom fan, Doom Eternal will be sure to blow you away. You can see the extensive new gameplay below.

Doom Eternal has no release window as of right now but will release on Xbox One, PS4, PC, AND Nintendo Switch… yes, you read that right.

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