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Shortly after the debut of Fortnite season 6, the floating island began to . Of course, this shouldn’t come as a real surprise since it is attached to Kevin – the mystery cube whose tour of the island brought season 5 to an end. While many were unsure how the mystery cube sinking into Fortnite‘s Loot Lake would affect the battle royale game, we now have our answer thanks to an exploit of the replay system.

As seen below, the moving island will move over the corrupted areas created by Kevin in season 5 and form small volcanic pits. It is currently unknown what will happen beyond the completion of that or how long that will actually take. However, one long-running theory was that Kevin would turn Loot Lake into a Volcano, so it could potentially be related to that. Could a massive eruption happen in season 6? Nevertheless, check it out below:

fortnite moving island

Of course, this moving island will likely do this at all the corrupted areas, and though it should move faster than the standard cube, this could still take some time. Luckily, as Kevin’s chaotic tour of the battle island continues, players still have plenty of new things in season 6 to keep them busy.

Per usual, one of the biggest things going right now is the current season 6 week 1 challenges. For the most part, they are straightforward and easy to accomplish. The most difficult of them all, however, is searching the supply llama, which is usually luck based. The next would be knowing where all the streetlight spotlight locations are, so players can complete the “dance under” challenge.

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Also, now that has agreed to crossplay for Fortnite, players are likely finally deciding which of their non-shared console friends are better. For some, this is a major step-up for the gaming industry. All of this combined – the unique event, the weekly challenges, the crossplay support – are reasons to drop onto the battle island for season 6.

Fortnite is available now in early access for iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. An Android beta is currently underway.

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